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Artistic vocal training at the Studio for Vocal Interpretation (SVI)

Josef Protschka voice lessons, creating a balance between intellect and emotion.

Unlike many vocal teaching concepts that deliberately separate technique from expression, the SVI focuses on the overall artistic performance from the very beginning.

The creative interpretation and individually adapted intensity of expression that naturally balances intellectual and emotional considerations.

Specifically, this means all intellectual factors are duly considered, but always with the sole aim of bringing about emotional richness and a truthful presentation. Especially in these times of musical diversity and competing forms of expression, classical singers must not content themselves with disengaged virtuosity, vain enjoyment of vocal prowess, and the mere production of beautiful sound.

Now more than ever before, the determining factor for success and professional perspectives for classical singers is whether they are able to present a musical message that displays all artistic means of expression in equilibrium, and thus reach the hearts of their audience directly.

Prof. Josef Protschka, director of the SVI, has been celebrated both by the press and the public for his high vocal standards, as well as his intensity of presentation and interpretative intelligence. His personality and experience ensure the implementation of the described concepts.

Master Classes

Cologne Conservatory for Music and Dance
Soloists class with scholarship recipients from South Africa / cooperation between the Cologne Conservatory for Music and Dance and the International Mozart Festival in Johannesburg
Pretoria – Johannesburg
International Mozart Festival in Johannesburg / University of Pretoria
Schloss Ehreshoven
Academy of Music and Literature (with Peter Bortfeldt)
5th International Summer Music Academy
30.01. - 07.02.2015
Johannesburg / University of Pretoria
27.04. - 03.05.2015
Schloss Ehreshoven / Studio for vokal interpretation ( SVI )
21./22. 05.2015
Cologne Conservatory for Music and Dance ( HfMT Köln)
Internal masterclass for 10 participants
30.01. - 06.02.2016
University of Pretoria in cooperation with the IMFJ Johannesburg
Information and application :
06.03. - 12.03.2017
Castle of Ehreshoven/Engelskirchen - Studio for vocal interpretation (SVI) Pulheim
Academy for literature and music Ehreshoven / Studio for vocal interpretation Pulheim Maximum 9 participants - lessons of 40 minutes each day for all participants the lessons are given in the SVI, Pulheim, Malvenweg 6 Piano - coach: Peter Bortfeldt , Bonn Final concert Schloss Ehreshoven, Ahnensaal, 12.03., 19h00 course fee: € 380.- ( active) ; € 110.- ( passive ) free repertoire ( arias and songs ) Information and application: application deadline: 10.02. 2017
07.04. - 13.04.2017
Achenkirch/Tirol - Hotel DAS KRONTHALER
Maximum 10 - 12 participants 5 days with lessons of 40 minutes for each participant daily Final concert : Thursday , 13.04., ,19h30 Further information and application: - +43 664 3002620 EVA LIND MUSIKAKADEMIE TIROL


By train from Cologne central train station: towards Mönchengladbach, get off at the 2nd stop (Pulheim) after about 12 minutes, then follow Bergheimer Straße from behind the station for about 8 minutes (outbound), then take the 3rd street left into Sonnenallee, and the 2nd street right into Malvenweg.


Josef Protschka / SVI - Studio for Vocal Interpretation
Malvenweg 6, 50259 Pulheim, Germany
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