Intellectual Skills

It goes without saying that serious work with singers requires the intellectual clarification of basic prerequisites.

At the SVI, as needed, this should be one aspect of the artistic study of the repertoire, to be treated as somewhat of a digression from the practice of musical interpretation.

This clarification can happen through elaboration on a case-by-case basis, or systematically and regularly. Either way, it should not be limited to the vocal training as such.

Welcectual skills does the SVI teach and expand on?

Functional Awareness

(systematic breath training, singing posture, flexible articulation that is independent of breath, consistent vowel offset, vocal elasticity and flexibility, vocal onset vs. sustain, vowel and consonant legato, also with regard to foreign language repertoire – German, English, French, Italian, Czech, etc.)

Training Concepts

(individual warmups, development of vocal stamina, systematic strenghtening of weaker parts of the register, developing a range of emotional color through numerous variations on a single tone or emotionally charged words, practicing well supported piano, study of practice techniques)


  • A holistic approach to the relationship between words and music
  • Recognizing the overall structure of a study piece
  • Classification of study pieces with regard to music history and style
  • Developing a holistic conception of opera roles (acting and singing from the "core" of the
  • character)
  • Conceiving ways to present the character on stage
  • Recognizing "virtual scenes" behind the songs and arias: Realizing the specific emotional states
  • over the course of a work, and avoiding meaningless and expressionless passages.


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