Emotional Skills

These are indispensable for a balanced, original, distinctive, and artistic vocal

Some essential bullet points are:

  • Emotional adoption of the identity of the role to be played (consistent character for opera roles; prophetic/exultant proclamation gesture for oratorio roles; narrative and experiential perspective for songs/Lieder
  • Implementing the realization of the "virtual scene" – emotional differentiation of expression through "colorful" singing and utilization of available emotionally charged words (see intellectual skills)
  • Experimental balancing of emotional intensity with smooth and pressure free singing
  • Enabling an emotionally driven breath flow – gradual phase-out of conscious technique control
  • Matching vocal emotion with coherent gestures and facial expressions
  • Developing a natural and unaffected overall expression – avoiding forced/artificial vocal effects, gestures, and motions as well as unintentional and random "singer's gesticulations" (controlling video and audio)

The above mentioned objectives are tailored to the student's individual priorities and requirements. They
are offered as a basic or advanced course of study, with the goal of developing an original and professional
singer's personality.


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